ing1 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Vivek Jadhav; currently I am working with Cap-Gemini in ABAP-HR, ESS/ MSS and EP technology.
I really appreciate the work what your team is delivering, it is Incredible.
Congratulations ………Well Done!!! 

Even after having 5 years of ABAP experience, I am still a great fan and user of Onlineabaptraining.com. The examples provided with the videos are of great help for all to understand the concept in easily and by self. - Thank you Shravan-9052848494

img3 Hi, this is just to congratulate you for the amazing website. I am new in abap world, and its helping me a lot. Thank you-nicolas kelly.!!
mahesh This is simply amazing stuff. We appreciate the efforts for making such a useful site -Thank you Mahesh